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Residential Beam and Framing Experts

Home renovations can be complex and stressful, especially when knowing that structural issues in your household can lead to dangerous conditions for you and your family. At American Beam & Steel, we focus on making structural renovations and repairs to your home as stress-free as possible.

Our industry-leading experts complete a thorough inspection of your home’s support foundation and provide an in-depth report of what needs to be addressed and how we’re going to address it. Our goal is to make sure you feel informed of the plans being put in place to ensure you’re home is in the best possible condition.

Our on-site team will work to provide you with top-quality service, clear communication, and a sense of relief knowing your home’s structural foundation has been reinforced to give you and your family the sense of security you deserve.

What We Look For

Services to Home Owners

American Beam & Steel has experience in all types of residential renovation and repair projects. Below are just some of the types of issues we’ve helped with

  • Sagging or sloping floors on the main level of a home
  • Bowed / misaligned walls and doors
  • Damage to wood beams from fire and water
  • Deterioration, Rust and decay to steel or concrete beams
  • Termite damage or damage from other insects

At American Beam & Steel have seen it all. We provide just the service to remedy these problems and guarantee the restoration of your home’s structural integrity.

“We had extensive damage & mold in our crawlspace. Mark & Jim rebuilt and corrected these problems with such accuracy and professional workmanship. They were on time, fair, and went beyond the call of duty. We would recommend them for anyone who has these problems. Also, we are keeping his number! Thank You Mark & Jim!”

– Tom & Lola O, Oak Lawn

Our Work Speaks For Itself

One of our clients resides in a 100-year-old flat. They were in need of having their floor joists replaced within their laundry room, located underneath their kitchen, and above their boiler. After reaching out to American Beam & Steel, an inspection quickly took place. It was discovered that plumbing updates that were inexpertly installed and a considerable number of galvanized water supply lines were a contributing factor in the current joist failure. There was significant decay of the floor joists, largely due to the heat and humidity prone to the areas.

When discussing all the necessary steps with The client, American Beam & Steel detailed the project plan in a clear, concise manner that made the client feel a sense of relief that all their concerns were being addressed. Thought the conversation, American Beam & Steel made sure any questions or concerns were addressed, allowing the client to have a full understanding of the project scope.

American Beam & Steel was able to fix all of the structural issues discovered during the on-site inspection and had the client feeling happy and safe in their home.

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