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100-Year-Old Flat with Inexpertly Installed Plumbing


A client resides in a 100-year-old flat. They were in need of having their floor joists replaced within their laundry room, located underneath their kitchen, and above their boiler. After reaching out to American Beam & Steel, an inspection quickly took place. It was discovered that plumbing updates that were inexpertly installed and a considerable number of galvanized water supply lines were a contributing factor in the current joist failure. There was significant decay of the floor joists, largely due to the heat and humidity prone to the areas.

The significant damage imposed by the ad-hoc, inexpert installation of plumbing over a period of many years coupled with the inherent aging and degradation of the floor joist required American Beam & Steel to reinforce the floor joists by means of “sistering” new floor joists alongside the existing floor joists and reconfigure all necessary water and waste piping by routing parallel with an beneath the floor joists (as any nominal cutting of floor joists members impacts their structural integrity.) After reviewing the necessary steps to resolve the issues, American Beam & Steel utilized an on-staff licensed plumber to assist in the project and worked to obtain the necessary permits required by the city.

When discussing all the necessary steps with The client, American Beam & Steel detailed the project plan in a clear, concise manner that made the client feel a sense of relief that all their concerns were being addressed. Thought the conversation, American Beam & Steel made sure any questions or concerns were addressed, allowing the client to have a full understanding of the project scope.

American Beam & Steel was able to fix all of the structural issues discovered during the on-site inspection and had the client feeling happy and safe in their home.

Our Customer


“Boy are we lucky to have found ABS! We had several cracked and damaged joists that needed sistering in our condo. Mark and Jim provided us with an honest quote and were responsive throughout the process. Mark clearly knows his stuff from years of experience and is a true craftsman. Jim provided excellent documentation of the job, from start to finish. Both are extremely patient and took the time to answer all of our questions, from beginning to end. We were very happy with our overall experience with ABS and would recommend them to anyone in need of structural work to their home. Diamonds in the rough!”


  • Thorough inspection, discovering inexpertly installed plumbing.
  • Floor reinforcement by adding new floor joists.
  • Utilizing a licensed plumber to assist with the project,

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