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Don’t know where to start once you’ve identified a structure in your home or place of business? American Beam & Steel provides peace of mind to all clients by addressing issues to your steel or wood beams and structural framing.

Our Focus

Structural Renovation

Are you expanding a room in your home or reinforcing your floor or ceiling? These are situations that require renovating parts of your foundation. American Beam & Steel can help.

  • Wood Beam Renovation
  • Load Bearing Wall Removal
  • Relocating & Installing New Steel Beams
  • Crawl Space Beam Renovation
  • Foundation Footing Renovation

Our Focus

Structural Repair

Are you noticing that your floors are uneven or that parts of your ceiling are drooping? Your structural integrity may be in need of repair. American Beam & Steel provides the services needed to remediate your issues.

  • Wood Beam Repair
  • Floor Joist Repair
  • Ceiling Joist Repair
  • Floor Reinforcement
  • Sill Plate Repair

“Mark and Jim were great to work with. They installed a 24′ support beam and a 12′ support beam in my house to allow for my open floor plan. They were punctual and tidy and able to knock my project in two days. I would definitely recommend them!”

– Stephanie C, Monee

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