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Expert Real Estate Inspections

Looking to buy or sell a home? A key piece to understanding the value of a home comes from an inspection of the home’s structural foundation. American Beam & Steel can conduct a home inspection to assess the structural integrity of the building. These assessments help American Beam & Steel determine the best course of action to remediate the discovered problems. Let American Beam & Steel help you with your Real Estate need today

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Services to Home Sellers and Buyers

Our step-by-step process for inspections and remediation is quick and painless. At American Beam & Steel, we work at a pace that ensures the home in question is not on the market for long.

  • Full inspection of the home scheduled 2-3 days after your initial inquiry
  • Immediate assessment of the inspection provided, followed by a detailed quote of the necessary work
  • Quick execution of the necessary work, focusing on quality and safety
  • Minimal stress and outstanding communication for our clients

“Mark and Jim did an excellent job on a deck tear down and rebuild on my single-family home. They were very professional, accommodating to our needs and schedule and the results were top-notch. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again.”

– Tim F, Chicago

Our Work Speaks For Itself

A client was looking to sell her home. As potential buyers consistently visited her home for viewings, she would hear the same comments, “There’s something off about your floors.” After hearing enough, the client reached out to American Beam & Steel to investigate the issue. During the initial review of the home, American Beam & Steel reviewed the existing footing, wood beam, and column support for the affected area. American Beam & Steel created an in-depth renovation plan to replace the pad footings in the crawlspace and install steel beams and columns in place of the original structural support.

As American Beam & Steel examined the crawlspace of the home, another major issue was discovered. Mold had been growing within the crawlspace. Understanding the impact of mold within a household, American Beam & Steel quickly informed the client and created a remediation plan that would be executed in tandem with the structural improvements. American Beam & Steel created a ventilation cycle while removing surface mold. Once this was complete, American Beam & Steel treated all porous and non-porous surfaces. The affected area was consistently inspected for the remainder of the project to ensure it was effectively treated.

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