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Brand New Deck and Structural Framing


While planning for a deck renovation in the backyard, a client realized that there was water damage and dry rotting within the exterior crawlspace beneath the deck. Looking for an all-in-one solution, the client reached out to American Beam & Steel through HomeAdvisor to assist with the crawl space while also asking for possible assistance with a deck replacement. American Beam & Steel reached out to a highly regarded contractor to assist with demolishing and reconstructing the deck while American Beam & Steel made the necessary updates to the crawl space, which included replacing the rotten sill plates and reinforcing the framing.

The client was able to knock out two projects within one, as American Beam & Steel considered the contractor a part of their team when giving project updates and progress. The client was thrilled with the finished product, as they now have a beautifully finished deck with a newly updated structural frame.

Our Customer


“Mark and Jim did an excellent job on a deck tear down and rebuild on my single-family home. They were very professional, accommodating to our needs and schedule and the results were top-notch. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again.”


  • Addressing dry-rot beneath an outdoor crawlspace.
  • Partnering with a licensed contractor to complete a deck renovation.

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