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Bouncy Floors Causing a Concern for New Homeowners


American Beam & Steel understands that buying a new home can be extremely stressful. Discovering that your new home has structural issues after closing is stress that no new homeowner wants to experience. A client had recently purchased a home that had what they considered, ‘bouncy floors’ caused by deflection issues in the floor supports. Stressed by the situation, the client reached out to American Beam & Steel through Home Advisor for help. Upon inspection, American Beam & Steel determined that additional beam support in the crawlspace beneath the afflicted floor would solve the issue. American Beam & Steel worked quickly and efficiently to ensure that the support was in place as quickly as possible. After the work was complete, the client was able to sleep easy knowing their home was thoroughly inspected and fixed within a week.

Our Customer


“They did an outstanding job. They took the stress out of the whole situation. We bought a house that had some deflection issues because the house was not built to code. After they put in the required extra support walls in the crawl space to make the floors level, we no longer have bouncy floors! The process from start to finish was quick and easy with them cleaning up after they were done. It was like they were never there. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!”


  • Inspection and resolution complete within a week.
  • Adding proper support to fix the ‘bouncy floors’.

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