Structural Beam Renovation

Structural Beam Renovation

Does your home show signs of structural damage?  The following indicators are just some of the many clues present when there are underlying structural issues with your home.  In most cases, the root cause lies in the supporting wood beams or related columns and footings.   The following problems were reported by the vast majority of our customers and form the basis of most structural beam renovation projects we have undertaken.

  • Sagging or sloping floors on the main level of a home
  • Bowed walls on the first floor or in a finished basement
  • Doors misaligned and not closing properly
  • Windows not shutting properly
  • Noticeable separation of baseboards, counter-tops or cabinets
  • Fire damage to structural wood beams or wood columns
  • Wood rotting from water damage (outside source or internal plumbing problems)
  • Noticeable rust and decay of steel beams and/or steel columns
  • Deterioration (crumbling) of concrete footings or pillars
  • Termite damage or damage from other insects

At American Beam and Steel, we've seen them all!!  We provide just the service to remedy these problems and GUARANTEE the restoration of your home's original structural integrity!!  This is ALL we do!!

Wood Beam Renovation

Renovation of structural wood beams found in basements is typically required under the following conditions:

  • Sagging due to loss of structural integrity
  • Shifting of beams due to a home settling
  • Stress fractures within wood beams or wood columns
  • Water damage, wood rot of wood beams or wood columns

In such cases, American Beam and Steel has the expertise and experience to assess the full extent of the damage and may recommend any of the following services.  Contact us today to find out more.

  • Replacement of wood beams with steel beams, steel columns
  • Replacement of wood beams with sistered, LVL wood beams

Relocating & Installing New Steel Beams

The relocation or installation of new steel beams is typically required under the following circumstances:

  • Construction of new homes
  • Basement renovations or build-outs
  • Need for removal of load-bearing walls when expanding spaces

Look no further than American Beam and Steel to get the job done. We have years of experience working with homeowners, home designers and structural engineers on new home construction, expanding spaces in an existing home or homeowners looking to build-out that dream basement. We've worked with dozens of clients in providing the following services.   Contact us today to find out more.

  • Steel beam installations for new home construction
  • Relocating existing steel beam installations

Crawl Space Beam Renovation

Structural problems lying within crawl spaces present unique problem to homeowners.  The floor joists within a crawl space are typically supported by foundation walls with an accompanying wood or steel beam supported by columns.  Most of the structural problems we've addressed in this space were the result of poor installation of these critical structural elements.

In most cases, we have dealt with the following circumstances:

  • Use of temporary, makeshift columns
  • Missing support columns
  • Rotting support columns due to moisture in crawl spaces
  • Rotting, shifting or missing shims
  • Poor implementation of column footings

At American Beam and Steel, we are dedicated to the highest level of installation standards no matter how confined the space and do whatever it takes to to get the job done right!  The following are just the few services we provide.  Contact us today to find out more.

  • Service
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Foundation Footing Renovation

Foundation footings are, of course, a critical component in the overall structural integrity of any home.  Poorly installed footings, while not common, compromise the entire structural support system above.  Of those clients we've helped through the renovation of foundation footings, all were the results of one or more of the following:

  • The footing settled, exhibiting cracks from basement slab
  • Footing of a support column was missing, results of prior modification
  • Footing showed excessive deterioration, scaling, shaling
  • Footing was built up needlessly, impeding basement renovation

At American Beam and Steel, we have the expertise in applying industry standards around foundation footing construction which includes assessment of soil types, compaction levels, necessary bearing capacities, placement and load considerations (depth, size, rebar reinforcement, etc).  It is this knowledge and experience that forms the basis of the services we provide below.  Contact us today to find out more.

  • Construction of temporary structural support
  • Demolition of failed foundation footings
  • In-place reconstruction of footings
  • Relocation of foundation footings