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Structural Beam Renovation

Does your home show signs of structural damage?  The following indicators are just some of the many clues present when there are underlying structural issues with your home.  The following problems were reported by the vast majority of our customers and form the basis of most structural renovation projects we have undertaken.

  • Sagging or sloping floors on the main level of a home
  • Bowed walls on the first floor or in a finished basement
  • Doors misaligned and not closing properly
  • Windows not shutting properly
  • Noticeable separation of baseboards, counter-tops or cabinets
  • Fire damage to structural wood beams or wood columns
  • Wood rotting from water damage (outside source or internal plumbing problems)
  • Noticeable rust and decay of steel beams and/or steel columns
  • Deterioration (crumbling) of concrete footings or pillars
  • Termite damage or damage from other insects

At American Beam and Steel, we've seen them all!!  We provide just the service to remedy these problems and GUARANTEE the restoration of your home's original structural integrity!!  This is ALL we do!!

Structural Framing

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